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kutje hard neuken man beft vrouw


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kutje hard neuken man beft vrouw


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He licks her so well 4. Poesje eten met Nicole Aniston en Chad White 3. Knapperd eet ex-vriendin's poesje like a boss!! Alle commentaren Log in of Registreer nu om een reactie te posten! Populaire Commentaren Recente Commentaren. The Lady Of Shalott, Thanks for enjoying the art! Does he make house calls??? I make at home!!!! He was taking his time, he didn't rush her or her body.

He listened to her body and responded with what was appropriate for her!! Every woman is different, especially in the way she responds to oral stimulus. Some women are actually afraid of the intensity and will shut down if rushed!!! I will let u to sit on my face the whole day and u can rub ur pussy to. U can grind ur pussy and push it into my mouth and force me to suck ur hot n wet pussy. I wud squeeze ur tits and presss it and suck ur clit all at same time..

I will slowly flick ur clit up n down , left to right My hands will reach ur ass n pull u to my mouth till u cum. U grab my head and cummmm cumm. You are absolutely right. Ladies like me will shut down if I'm rushed. Said well, I see that you knows you there well, me can give you this pleasure because I adore licking and giving some pleasure to the women!!!!

I told my boyfriend to watch this so he could learn a few things. When it was done I pulled him into the bedroom and lay on the bed with my legs spread wide and waited. He said he had already cum twice in his pants while watching the vid and maybe we should do it later. I think I need a new boyfriend -.

She Comes First by Kerner should be on every man's bookshelf. Also, if my man does this for me, he can have gentleman's choice: BJ, anal or whatever! That's a selfish motherfucker. Yes sweetheart you definitely need a new boyfriend any man who thinks of himself first during sex needs to be kicked to the curb immediately.

I'm inclined to agree. Ill keep u wanting more it would be your world and ill do what ever your irresistible naughty mind wants. Last time I checked, a guy doesn't have to be hard or cum to eat someone's pussy.

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But I think you put in a really great effort to make a spark. Woah, that was the hottest pussy licking video I've ever watched.

I have a pretty sensitive clit so I can only imagine how his tongue must have felt. I wish guys aren't that hesitant on eating pussy. I your cat will be my dinner and I can tell you that you are going to feel smell her it my language tongue on your clit to make you climb soar to 7 ème sky!!!! Now THAT is how you pleasure a pussy.

This video never fails to get me throbbing and slippery, I get especially excited when he very gently folds back her lips and hood to work over that big wet exposed clitty Broke or rich I don't care. He's workin' the clit over pretty good, but there's a whole lot more there to have fun with. This was actually awkward for me to watch, as a man. Dude looking into the camera and shit lmfao. Female friendly video for sure though. I want exactly the same It would have been nice if he paid attention to the entire vulva area but fuck this almost made me cum just watching it!!

This guy knows the value of a slow lick and suck SOOO fucking delicious mmmmmm you can tell she is enjoying it look at the hard on she gets!! Im lucky my man knows how to eat me!! I think he's my brother from another mother!! I have similar technique but a couple of special moves that if you apply them right, sends her over the edge and makes her cum a little sooner and harder.

Fantastic job and nice camera work. What a lucky girl! That is how it's done! Love it when a guy moans too. I wish someone would lick me like this! What's the name of the first song?? And awesome clit licking.. Loreena Mckennitt - The Lady of Shallot. I love this video, I want to eat some pussy now. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous! I've never been eaten out, now I'm even more curious lol.

I came while she was coming too! I felt like he was eating me out too! My man sucks all my juices while I'm coming.

Master at his craft! Every time I watch this with my guy I cum before halfway into it. My bf says, "What you want me to see? Lick and suck till she cum Attention all men watching this video I could hardly wait to join so I could comment on this video! Not only is this guy gorgeous, he seems to enjoy his excellent skills! I couldn't stop myself from spontaneous orgasm! That was the best thing I've ever seen I wish he would do that to me I watch this video often and by the end I am super soaked.

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Wow, I hadn't felt like that since I was a virgin! He can eat pussy, not to mention he is totally gorgeous. Wish he would have stuck some fingers in it though. That was a really hot video! That guy could really work his tongue, and the girl's moanings and comments were sexy to listen to. I could never move my tongue like that lol.

The background music other than the one song fit the mood as well. Being a guy, I always like when they only show the guy's face from the mouth down lol. I remember when I would lick like that, it was hot; but I also remember how sore my tongue and neck would get.